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Sharing Coupon

It's nice to share. But it's awesome to receive! Share Lake View Hotel with your friends and family, then claim your extra discount coupon and save even more on your visit to Lake View.

Just click on the Facebook or other icons at bottom right, login to your account and share. Once you share, you'll receive our "Thanks For Sharing" message (non-clickable sample shown on right), which you may click for an extra discount coupon on time sensitive offers. This discount is only available to those who share, so you're guaranteed a better deal. If you are unable to take advantage of our current offer, don't worry, we update our discounts regularly with new timed offers. Simply visit and share again throughout the season to be rewarded with our latest deals.

Thank you in advance for helping to spread the message about our beautiful Lake View Hotel.

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To receive your clickable version of this message and your extra discount coupon, turn off disable pop ups, click on any social sharing icon below and login as you normally would and share. Then come back to this page and click on the message for your coupon.